Main-Graphic-(1080P)---Standing-Strong,-Living-ReadyBeloved, a hallmark of spiritual deception is its distortion to the Person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Throughout history mystics, philosophers, scientists, or religious theologians have assaulted Jesus Christ’s deity, His humanity, and the sole sufficiency of His saving work.  The fifteenth century Reformation affirmed sola fide—salvation by faith alone in Christ alone.  Our study of 2 Thessalonians STANDING STRONG-LIVING READY is about to take us into a profound description of a coming satanic, false religion that will seek to dominate our world. And God’s Word gives us specific insight to ensure we stand strong spiritually and live ready to advance God’s kingdom. – Pastor Jim 

We look forward to seeing you at Highland as we continue in our series Standing Strong, Living Ready. You can get caught up by watching previous messages on our website or on the Highlands app.

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