Student Ministries Summer Camps
Next Gen Team

Thank you for joining us in prayer over our Middle and High School camps these past few weeks! As a staff we got to witness an impactful time of worship, fellowship, and teaching. At Middle School camp we were joined by Pastor Jeremy Piehler. Students learned that Christianity is "Not What You Think" and dove deep into what it means to root their identity in the transforming power of Christ. One student shared, "I learned that my pain and brokenness do not define me...that we have redemption and we are victorious." Another voiced that "God will still love us if we mess up and we don’t have to put others down to make us feel better...we are all valuable when we allow God’s healing to work through us." Students also noted what commitments they wanted to make from this point on, such as "to have more of a positive attitude about going to read the Bible more and pray because that isn’t something in my daily routine." Another student shared that they wanted to be a "representative of faith and pray under all circumstances."

At High School camp students were able to welcome new Lead Pastor Jesse and family into their first week as part of the Highlands family. God really met all 240 of us in Lincoln City, Oregon. Jesse’s teachings truly empowered students to take a deep look at what they were pouring their lives into as we walked through the book of Ecclesiastes. Students learned what it meant to dedicate their lives to things "Beyond the Sun." We got to celebrate 21 baptisms of students and leaders! Students gave their lives to Christ and others have come home with a boldness to share the gospel clearly with others. Our high schoolers also shared how encouraged they felt to be surrounded by spiritual friendships and accountability partners as they enter back into their lives here at home. Thank you again for your countless prayers and support of our Next Gen Ministries!

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Middle School Camp
High School Camp

Watch video from our weeks at camp below!