Mike Ryan

Thank you for your powerful prayers for our team! God is at work in Tajikistan! We spent the first part of our trip in the northern part of the country. We had many great opportunities to share our testimonies, thoughts from God’s word and pray for many who have been having health and relationship problems…and God has responded in each of these circumstances. Please join us in thanking God for answered prayer!

We also had an opportunity to participate in an outreach the local church is doing with the poor and homeless in the community. It was a great encouragement to share with them some words of hope, but it was an encouragement to us to observe their level of engagement (and some with knowledge of the Bible).

We also had a wonderful time with children in an extremely poor village. These children likely represent the poorest of the poor in this country. But our hearts were overflowing with joy as they sat attentively to the bible lessons and sang songs of joy to the Lord.

Please continue to pray for the team as we begin the 2nd part of our trip in the Central / South part of Tajikistan. Please pray that we God would give us words that bring encouragement to those serving so faithfully in difficult circumstances. Prayer for wisdom/discernment, good health, and travel safety on the roads will also be appreciated.