In February of this year, the Evangelism Department of the Anglican diocese of Tanzania conducted a training on church planting at the Tabora Bible School. When each of the students had completed the training, they were given a bicycle, to help start new churches and visit the nearby communities. Those bicycles were purchased thanks to the generosity of HCC, and the ministry of Bishop Silas Kezakubi. Silas has been a big part of Highlands’ involvement in the work being done in Tanzania, specifically with the Nyamwezi people. He has worked with the missionaries sent by Highlands, including Tim and Cathy Bong, and was involved in the Living Water project that Highlands supported to install wells in Tanzania.

While visiting HCC last summer, Bishop Silas was asked how we, as a church, could help. In response, he expressed the need for 20 bicycles. He said that pastors and evangelists who live in rural villages needed a way to visit small churches and communities in neighboring villages. Having bicycles at their disposal would make it easier to get around and visit those villages. HCC purchased 15 bicycles, and the remaining five were purchased by Individual donors. Bishop Silas wrote: “Please convey my most heartfelt gratitude to the whole church.”

Since visiting HCC last summer, Silas has retired from his role as Bishop and now works as an evangelist in the villages surrounding Tabora and Itulu. He also serves in part-time ministry at Tabora Bible School, where he works with the Nyamwezi people. As a retired Bishop, Silas received no pension or retirement benefits, so starting in April 2023 he will be recognized as a Highlands missionary and receive monthly support. Thank you Highlands for your generous giving that allows us to support missionaries like Silas around the world.