THE BLESSED LIFE – An Unexpected Adventure
Jim Amandus

Everyone wants a happy life. But most people would agree that there’s a difference between a happy life and a fulfilled life. We don’t need to watch the news or even hear another sermon to learn that one of the most common areas that can be challenging for people is money. The Bible doesn’t have the answer to every question on finances and investments, and neither do I. But I have learned if I manage my money God’s way, it always leads me into a blessed and fulfilled life. If God’s principles are timeless—which I think they are–then anyone, if they want to can begin this adventure.

We all love adventures that turn out to be satisfying. But sometimes we don’t venture out because we are afraid. What if something bad happens? What if I run out of resources that I need? We will learn from a shrewd business man (Abraham) how his shift in perspective allowed him to follow God’s road signs to a blessed life. And we can start on this journey too. God invites us into an unexpected adventure with our resources. First things given to God are never lost—but first things not given are always lost.

This week we begin a new and exciting sermon series entitled The Blessed Life—An Unexpected Adventure. Join us as we step into God’s unexpected adventure and into the blessed life.