Dani Yorkston

When we first started coming to Highlands, my husband and I really hung back. We didn’t meet many people but came in and out each Sunday without really talking to anyone. Our young kids knew more people than we did. I had some pretty strong fears of awkwardness and rejection that held me back.

This past fall, God pushed me to dive in with a women’s Bible study. With a nudge here and a heart-tug there, I took the plunge into TWIST, a multigenerational class. I was terrified to be vulnerable. I didn’t want to be judged and was worried I’d be met with lots of tips about becoming a better Christian. I didn’t anticipate that God would use that class to turn my faith inside out and teach me He wanted more than obedience; He wanted my heart. He used biblical community to wake me up from the spiritual nap I hadn’t known I was taking.

After only a few sessions of the class I realized that no one was there to judge me, that sharing my heart was not going to result in judgment, and that these women were there because they wanted to learn and grow together WITH ME! Ever since, I’ve been so humbled that God would place me in THAT class, to hear from and share with THOSE women! I learned that God uses not only my strengths but my weaknesses and insecurities as well, all for His glory. It's amazing how the core truths of God changes us from the inside and, even if there's not a "major" problem, our minds are transformed further into His likeness.

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