In a small Central Asian country that has a predominately Islamic worldview mixed with Soviet-era communism and overwhelming poverty, Timur grew up in a small town known for its many mosques. While a teen, he took his younger brother to the free kindergarten offered by the church. The believers there befriended him and invited him to camp, where he learned about Jesus. His neighbor, an ardent Muslim who was teaching him about Islam, discouraged him from attending any more activities at the church and said that the church went against the teachings of the Koran. He asked, “Can a man become God?” Timur stopped going, and after he graduated, he moved to a larger town to attend college.

While there, God arranged an encounter with one of the Christians from the kindergarten. Feeling alone in the big city, Timur accepted the invitation to go to church. That day, he had a change of heart. He grew to love how people gathered and prayed for one another. He knew that these people would be with him in times of trouble and that God lived in their hearts. Still, it was difficult for him to accept Jesus as the Son of God.

In his first prayer ever to Jesus, Timur asked Him to resolve a conflict he had between school exams and attending an “extreme” camp event. The next morning, the time for the exams had changed and he was then able to go to the camp. At the camp, he accepted Jesus. Timur continues to grow in Christ. When he studies God’s Word, he feels God’s greatness and mercy towards him and a closeness to Him.

Timur now serves as the Youth Ministry Leader in a small Central Asian country that HCC has been working in for 15 years. He is married and has two children, and is actively engaged with youth, children, and teenage ministries – in a country that has outlawed teaching religion to youth. This includes outreach and discipling through community groups, children’s clubs and sports.