Unsung Heroes
Pastor Jay Haugh

Did you know that we have some unsung heroes in our midst at Highlands? You might not know who they are, or exactly what they do, but without these faithful men and women working behind the scenes, church literally wouldn’t happen each week. One such team of unsung heroes is our Kent Campus set-up and tear-down crew! Oftentimes, while the rest of us are snuggled nice in our beds, rain or shine (and even if necessary through ice and snow!) this team drives the trailers over to Kentridge High and transforms the classrooms and Performing Arts Center into an inviting space for our guests and church family.

Over the years, we’ve been blessed with faithful leaders to encourage and build this team. Most recently, Jay Marchand has been leading the charge in this area. But as 2016 comes to a close, we’re celebrating a transition in leadership! After almost 5 years of faithful service in this role, Jay Marchand is handing the reigns over to one of our current team members, Stephen Heath. Months ago, as Jay began to have conversations with us about his transition, we began to consider who God would provide next to lead this crucial ministry. We couldn’t have imagined a better fit than Stephen! Stephen has been volunteering with the set-up and tear-down for approximately 4 years. In fact, Stephen has mentioned that it’s through this specific ministry that helped him connect to a small group. Stephen is looking forward to collaborating with the Kent staff in making the facility a part of helping others connect to our church family.

We’re thankful for Jay Marchand’s years of service and his commitment to excellence in this role, and at the same time we are excited for what Stephen will bring to this team as the Kent Campus continues to grow! If you feel lead to serve in this critical ministry area at the Kent Campus, feel free to contact Stephen (stephenh@highlandscc.org) or come talk to him after the service!