Pastor Jim Amandus

We have just begun our fall series entitled WHO IS GOD—Meet the Author of Our Story. The Lord has continually drawn my heart back to the book of Deuteronomy as the Scripture He has for us. There are two reasons. The first is our 70th anniversary. This year, Highlands Community Church celebrates God’s faithfulness over the past 70 years.

As I look back over our history I am grateful for the Lord’s grace and mercy. Thousands of people have heard and responded to the gospel of Jesus Christ, people are passionately following Jesus, pastors have been trained, and missionaries have been sacrificially sent around the world. But as I look forward to the future I am humbled because I believe our greatest effectiveness does not lie in the past but instead lies before us. Our founding pastor, Wallace Wilson, once said to me, “The measure of a healthy church is not what it has done but what it will be doing 50 years from now.”

The second reason the Spirit draws my heart back to Deuteronomy is because the book is about God’s character and attributes. Today people ask, “Who is God? What is He like?” The aged prophet Moses invited the next generation of young men and women to meet the author of their nation’s story. This young generation grew up in the wilderness and heard stories about God—but they hadn’t met God. The book of Deuteronomy is not just a study of God’s laws. It is a worshipful invitation into the character and attributes of God.

To know what God is like is to worship Him. And to passionately worship God is to courageously serve Him. In His classic book entitled Knowing God, J.I. Packer said a correct theology without doxology always leads to idolatry. Just as God faithfully authored a new chapter for Israel, so God is about to write a new story through Highlands. I am eager for you to meet the Author of your story.

Even though I did my seminary Master’s thesis on O.T. hermeneutics, I am not a scholar on the book of Deuteronomy. I already know I’m not going to do this series perfectly. The task is daunting. To know WHO GOD IS, to meet the author of our individual stories, is a humbling yet honoring pursuit.
If you want to join in this quest to discover more about WHO GOD IS, then bring your Bible and a humble heart each weekend. And if you know someone who has the same desire, invite him or her to come with you.