March 3, 2016

As we have been sharing about the FLC gym transformation project, there is a question that often arises; “Why call it the “Family Life Center?” Why not just call it the gym? A great question! The answer is in keeping with the vision for the space when construction began in the mid-70’s: we recognize our gym to be far more than “just a gym!”

By the grace of God, we continue to witness story after story of life change as people connect with the transforming power of the gospel through Student Ministries, Awana, Upward, memorials, outreach events, and leadership trainings.

When completed, we envision the Family Life Center being used for these ministries and even more; that it will be a place where all our church family, children, students, and adults have opportunities to connect with God and with others. A place we are proud to invite our guests into and where those in our community feel cared for and welcomed.

Would you join me in prayer, as we move into our time of commitment this weekend?

To God be the Glory!


Jim Amandus
Senior Pastor