Wiggle Worship: A Joyful Noise
Joshua Barrios | Kids Intern

HCC’s annual Wiggle Worship Preschool Concert and Family Fun Fair was last weekend. During class every Sunday over the past few months our two-year-olds through kindergarten classes have been hard at work practicing songs and learning motions. Their practice led to a beautiful time of worship for those in the auditorium.

During the Sunday morning practices, one of our Wiggle Worship leaders, Anita Faull could see how God was present and working in the lives of the children:

“A little three-year-old seemed very upset several times in a row when I first came in to start teaching the songs. I talked to her and she said the songs were too hard. I suggested we pray and ask for God’s help to sing them. She agreed and we did. Several times over the months I have checked in with her as I noticed lots of singing and smiling during Wiggle Worship! I reminded her of our prayer, and she agreed that God was helping her and told me the songs weren’t hard any more. Last week, she took initiative to help a little two-year-old with the motions!”

Each parent in the audience witnessed a piece of heaven as the voices of precious children sang praises to God. With smiles on the faces of children and parents alike, the room was filled with joy that was accompanied by the sound of worship. The continual joy of the children was not only expressed in song, but also by their excitement and energy as they were invited for food and fun at the Family Fun Fair. Painted faces stuffed with pizza and cotton candy sprinted across the room from one inflatable to another, wanting to jump the highest in the bouncy houses and race the fastest on the obstacle courses.

In the end, the vision of Next Gen Ministries was reflected well, “Our desire is to come alongside you as parents and assist you in one of life’s most important tasks, building a strong spiritual foundation with your children.” This vision continues as team members and staff daily invest in helping children find and follow Jesus.