Yahweh Shammah-The Lord Who is There
Michele Jancola

At our HCC women’s event last month, Savor the Season, it was such a delight to set aside special time be able to savor the holiday season that was fast approaching and is now upon us. Two nights in a row the HCC Worship Center was filled with women all enjoying each others company, the delicious catered dinner, the beautiful and unique table centerpieces and an uplifting and inspiring message by Tori Dabasinskas. I was able to attend both nights and I had quite a few women come up to me and ask me to pray for a friend, co-worker, neighbor or family member whom they had brought to the event that didn’t know that Lord yet or is seeking. What an exciting opportunity to be able to share with others the hope we have in Christ! There is no doubt that the women I was asked to pray for came away from the evening with a much greater understanding of our amazing God, who is available to commune with us anytime, anywhere, and wants to have a personal relationship with us. Tori shared with us from scripture and stories from her personal life experiences, that God is a personal, protective and paternal God. He is our good Father who is always there for us. May we never miss opportunities to spend time with Yahweh Shammah-The Lord Who is There. Be looking for sign ups and join us on Friday evening March 24, 2017 in the new FLC for Ladies Paint Night and bring a friend, co-worker or neighbor who needs to know our personal, protective, Father God.