Nathan Murphy

June 23-26 at Camas Meadows and the surrounding area, our Young Adult group of 35 men and women enjoyed a nearly perfect weekend! We experienced close community consisting of singing around a campfire, eating BBQ burgers, wakeboarding and tubing, rock climbing and rafting, throwing a Frisbee around, and more while having the sun shine down on us the entire time. But those things were just the start. Our guest speaker, Clint Gresham shared four times with the group and challenged everyone to be willing to share our fears and expose our scars so that we can grow closer to one another and to God. He led the way by example. He confessed his fears (ironically, he did so fearlessly) to the group and he used the story of “Doubting Thomas” as the springboard.

In John 20:24-29, Thomas confessed to his fellow disciples that he would not believe that Jesus had returned until he had seen Jesus and felt the scars on His hands and side. The fact that Thomas was willing to expose his doubts should be applauded. Don’t we all have some doubts and fears as we follow God and His plans that are heading in the opposite direction of where we want to go and doing the opposite of what we are expecting? That’s a rhetorical question. The answer is obviously, a yes. The real question behind the question is, “Have you shared this with any of your fellow believers? Do you even feel comfortable enough to share?” The chances are, once one person takes the leap of faith, others will start to say that they have also had those same fears and doubts. That’s a good thing. And it was seen during this weekend, as Clint led us to that place of authenticity where God grows us. We prayed for each other, encouraged each other with truth, read Scripture, and experienced real Christian community.

The boating and weather were awesome, but the deep conversations and friendships made over the weekend were even better and longer lasting. It was because of this event, my first ever time being exposed to Highlands Community Church, that I was able to dive head first into the church and I am excited to grow closer to God along with everyone I met during the nearly perfect weekend.