Our lives are prone to move downward and inward. Away from the things of God to the things of earth (downward). Away from the needs of others to ourselves (inward).

But this is not how it should be as followers of Jesus. How do we renew our lives to be focused upward and outward?

The book of Acts is like a community guidebook of renewal. It tells the story of God’s mission to send and save so that the church may be awakened to our global missionary task. By learning the message of this book, we pray our church will be inspired to go with God on His mission to send and save from Renton to the ends of the earth.



A helpful way to prepare for Sunday’s worship gatherings is to read and meditate on the upcoming passage of Scripture during the week. Here is the series overview so that you can read ahead.

May 7
Acts 8:1–25

May 14
Acts 8:26–40

May 21
Acts 9:1–31

May 28
Acts 9:32–43

June 4
Acts 10:1–11:18

June 11
Acts 11:19–26

June 18
Acts 11:27–12:25



Part of growing as a follower of Jesus and learning to live out the teachings of Scripture is participating in community. Each Sunday, we’ll provide discussion questions related to the worship gathering that can be a starting point for integrating Sunday’s worship gathering into your everyday life. You can use these with your roommates, family members, friends, community group, or even coworkers.
We hope they are a useful resource for you. 



  • Scripture Journal
    We have provided this resource to help you personally engage the book of Acts during this series. You can get an additional copy here.

    For tips on how to use this journal, check out this resource here.



Listen and worship at home with the songs we’re singing on Sundays


Evan Jarms
Gathered Worship Pastor