We are blessed by the Lord with a number of men that meet the biblical qualifications to be an elder. Although there are many responsibilities of an elder described in Scripture, some elders are called out to focus on governing, which we call the Board of Elders. The Scriptures, Holy Spirit, our Statement of Faith and our Bylaws are the primary means of guidance for the Board, where all decisions are made in unanimity. An annual process of review and appointment of Board members is conducted with those new to the Board serving for one year as an Elder Candidate to assure that they are fully up-to-speed and qualified before stepping in to the Board.

All elders who are on HCC’s staff have the primary responsibility for managing. Some staff elders also serve on the Board of Elders to assure that we are well connected, which requires them to be intensive in both managing and governing.

Overall, all elders are responsible for the shepherding of the congregation which includes both ruling and teaching (1 Timothy 5:17).

Highlands Family Updates

Our Current Governing Board of Elders:

Simi Bilti

Glenn Joslin

Jim Mahaffie

Jerry Mays

Dick Scott

Dennis Tanner


Deacons and Deaconesses
Deacons and Deaconesses act with delegated authority from the Board of Elders in their assigned areas of ministries (Acts 6:1-6) and meet the biblical qualifications.

Documents of Interest
As issues develop that need biblical resolution, study teams are formed to examine the topic and then bring a document to the full Board. Upon approval, the document becomes a Position which then drives Policy and procedure documents that are mostly the domain of staff. A few of the Position statements have been of wide interest:

Elder Responsibility
Divorce & Remarriage

Contacting the Elders
If you would like to contact the Elders, please use the form below: