We are blessed by the Lord with a number of men that meet the biblical qualifications to be an elder. Although there are many responsibilities of an elder described in Scripture, some elders are called out to focus on governing, which we call the Board of Elders. The Scriptures, Holy Spirit, our Statement of Faith and our Bylaws are the primary means of guidance for the Board, where all decisions are made in unanimity.

In past years, an annual process of review and appointment of Board members was conducted with those new to the Board serving for one year as an Elder Candidate to assure that they are fully up-to-speed and qualified before stepping on to the Board. The Bylaws have been revised to add a provision for an accelerated process for nominating, preparing, and appointing qualified men to the Board at any time if needed.

Overall, all elders are responsible for the shepherding of the congregation which includes both ruling and teaching (1 Timothy 5:17).


Highlands Family Updates

Our Current Governing Board of Elders:

Simi Bilti

Pastor Simi serves as an elder and as our Missions Pastor. Simi is passionate about helping people from around the world find and follow Jesus. He shepherds HCC’s Eastern European Community and teaches their adult Sunday School class. Simi enjoys hiking, fishing and spending time with his wife and their three boys. Prior to serving at HCC, Simi served 12 years in the Romanian Church and five years in the Moldovan Church in this area.


Glenn currently serves as the Board’s chairman, and has been attending Highlands Community Church since 1998. Glenn and his wife Ellen raised their daughters at Highlands where they accepted Christ and are now actively involved as adults serving in local ministry. Working in the public sector, Glenn has an MBA with an emphasis in Finance and more than 25 years working in various Project Management leadership roles.


Serving in various teaching roles at Highlands Kent, Jim’s passion is encouraging people to learn to understand, trust, and love God, with all their heart. Jim came to Highlands in 1992 with his wife Louise and son Jonathan after serving as a pilot in the Navy. A Seattle native, he grew up in Washington, Alaska, and Oregon, and studied history at Oregon State University. He loves talking about God and His word, discussing ideas, reading, coffee, the outdoors, long walks, preparing and sharing a good meal, being with family, and almost anything having to do with the water.


Jerry has served on the Elder Board since 2012 and is currently the Secretary. He rededicated his life to the Lord in 1993 and along with his family, has been attending HCC since 2002. He is passionate about ministering to children and young people. He and wife, Jill, have been serving in various areas within Children and Student Ministries since they started attending HCC. Jerry is currently the Awana Ministries Director and hopes to soon be able to lead more short-term mission trips to Costa Rica. Jerry and Jill were married in 1985 and have two grown sons, Ryan and Tyler. A retired aerospace engineer and former Iowa farm boy, Jerry is a serious gardener, grows a variety of fruit and berries, and enjoys using power equipment of all kinds.


Dick became a Christian in 1974 and became an HCC member in 1977. He’s been on the Board since just after Elder Board inception, and has served in various roles such as Vice Chairman, Secretary and Finance Committee representative, as well as the designated HCC Treasurer. For many years Dick taught classes concentrating on Bible doctrine. He led and was involved in HCC’s visitation ministry and was a Discovery Series Ministry teacher for many years. Dick and Judy have been married since 1967 with 2 children, Debbie and Ryan, and 4 “grandgirls.” Dick likes salmon fishing, landscape gardening, and attempts golf. He is a “Rentonite” from birth.


Dennis has attended Highlands for more than 25 years and has served in Children’s Ministries and Student Ministries since arriving. For the past several years, he has taught third through sixth graders. He loves teaching young people about Jesus’ life and the early church, and loves seeing them become believers in Christ. Dennis and his wife Nicolette have raised their daughter and two sons at Highlands, and they all still live locally (which Dennis and Nicole love, especially because God has blessed them with eight grandchildren). Dennis recently retired from a large healthcare company, where he was managing a team implementing software for Emergency Departments. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, elder work, reading, doing outdoor activities (when it’s not raining TOO hard), and making lace.

Deacons and Deaconesses
Deacons and Deaconesses act with delegated authority from the Board of Elders in their assigned areas of ministries (Acts 6:1-6) and meet the biblical qualifications.

Documents of Interest

HCC Bylaws

As issues develop that need biblical resolution, study teams are formed to examine the topic and then bring a document to the full Board. Upon approval, the document becomes a Position which then drives Policy and procedure documents that are mostly the domain of staff. A few of the Position statements have been of wide interest:

Elder Responsibility
Divorce & Remarriage

Contacting the Elders
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